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About Gus
Photo by: Mark Thomas / REX
About Gus

Gus is a rescued dog from Spain. We found him wandering on the mountains, and tried to find his rightful owner with no luck. After having him for 10 days, waiting for his owner to appear, we couldn't let him go, and he became one of the most spoilt dogs in the world.

Bringing him to London wasn't easy. Although there's no quarantine period for pets brought from Spain, there's few options to bring a dog to the UK, most of them very expensive. So he took a 3-day trip from Málaga to London, where he is happily living.

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Oh! And he also has a blog. Well, he doesn't write it, but it's about him, and it's full of useful information
(Sorry, it's mostly in Spanish right now, we're working on that). Just click on the Wordpress icon (the last one).

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